比べることはやめよう! Let’s stop comparing ourselves!

Today I want to share with you something important.

ガラテヤ 6:4(英語訳直訳)自分の仕事を一生懸命やりなさい。そうすれば誇れるものができます。でも他の人と自分を比べてはいけません。
Galatians 6:4 (Contemporary English Version)
Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don’t compare yourself with others.

Have you ever thought like this?


“If I was like that person”


“I need to be like that”


or “If only I had ***”

There are many things to compare each other with, for example looks, personalities, job, house, marriage, children and money etc.

誰でも比べたことがあると思う。 今、まさに比べてる人もいるかもしれない。
Everyone has compared themselves to others.  Right now, maybe you are still comparing yourself to other people.


But this way of thinking is dangerous!

When you start comparing yourself to someone, you become dissatisfied, instead of being satisfied about yourself. 

You will lose your uniqueness.

If comparison gets worse, it will turn into bad things like “envy” “no self-confidence” or “no joy”

And God will be really sad.

It’s like saying to God, “God, what you have created, what you have given me (talents and environment) is not enough!”

So if you tend to compare yourself to others please have this in mind

どんなにその人のようになりたくても、どんなに真似て頑張っても その人のNo.2にしかなれない。 オリジナルではないから。でも、自分は自分のNo.1でいられる!
No matter how you want to be like others and try imitating them, you only can be their no.2! Because you are not their original. But you can be your best you!

For example, if you want to be like the celebrity that you like and if you lose your weight, copy her hairstyle, clothes makeup and try to act like that model. You can’t be her!

No matter how hard you try you will be her no.2 ! And it will be a HARD WORK.

God didn’t design you to be that person!

But if you develop your strength you can be the best you! No one can be better you than you! You are so unique and original!

天国に行った時、神様は 「なんで、ブラピのようになかったの?」とか「なんで○○を真似しなかったの?」とはいわないと思う。 でもきっと「なんで私がデザインした自分らしく生きなかったの?」って聞くかもしれない!
When you go to heaven, I don’t think “Why didn’t you become like Brad Pitt?” or “Why didn’t you try to be like **?” But he might say, “Why didn’t you become the you that I have designed!

Are you trying to be like someone right now?

Let’s stop comparing and become the BEST YOU!

私は感謝します。あなたは私を緻密に精密に創ってくださいました。あなたの腕前は天下一品です。(詩篇 139:14 リビングバイブル訳)
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (Psalm 139:14)


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