何でいっぱいになってる? What are you filled with?

Continued from previous post!

Loving God’s word and writing it down!

4. 神様の言葉で毎日満たされる事によって欲望を守る
Protect your desire by filling your life with Gods word regularly.

Your words are so choice, so tasty; I prefer them to the best home cooking. With your instruction, I understand life; that’s why I hate false propaganda.  (Psalm 119:104)

If your heart is full of Tv, your not hungry for the word- you’ll get what you consume.

When you fill your body with junk food, your not hungry for healthy food-but the results are it comes out in your skin and in your fat!

Have a passion for knowing what God is saying to you. 

Let God change your thinking!

Let the bible show you what’s it your heart and change you.

この前までシルク ドゥ ソレイユ(世界的に有名なサーカス)のメンバーがクーザのツアーのため、大阪の教会にしばらくいたんだけど、僕たちもクーザを見に行く機会が与えられた。
A while ago, we had some members from cirque du soleil in our church as they were touring for KOOZA and we had the opportunity to see Kooza.

Everything was next level and it was so amazing that Izumi and I had our mouths wide open! It was the best performance that we’ve ever seen.

But what shocked me was that we were at this amazing thing ever and someone was asleep next to me. Only one person in the 2000 people.

I could not believe it!

人生の中で大事なことがおきている時に寝ないで! 神様が用意してくれた凄いこと逃してしまうから!
Don’t go to sleep in the most important things in your life!   You are going to miss out on the great things that God has for you! 

If you desire it, God will speak to you.easiest way is through his words in the bible.

Sometimes  we don’t want to hear from God because we are worried that he will mess up OUR plans.

You can find someone who will agree with you if you want.

When people ask for advice from people whose life is crazy, I think , they don’t want the truth- they have made up their mind and they want someone to agree.

神様の道を求めて、それで間違いを犯しても大丈夫! 正しい道に歩みたいという思いがあれば、神様が必ずもとの正しい道へと戻してくれる。
Desire to have God’s way and even when you make mistakes that is okay!  God will bring you back because you desire and hunger is for God’s way.   

What you put into your body you get and likewise, what you put into your soul, that is what you will get.

When you are filling yourself with junk food, then you come to the main meal and don’t want it any more. You will feel sick.

What are you hungry for? What are you filling yourself with? 

Protect your desire.

Let’s fill our selves with God’s word! 


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