だいすけのストーリー(最新版)Daisuke’s STORY (Updated)


This is for more people to know about LIFEHOUSE OSAKA….

I interviewed few people who come to this church.

Today I will introduce Daisuke!!


1) クリスチャンになってからどれぐらい?
How long have you been a Christian?

About 2 years now

2) どうやってライフハウス大阪にきはじめた?
How did you start coming to  Lifehouse Osaka?

Chie talked to me at streetband and that’s how I started coming to this church.

3) なんで、イエス受け入れた? 受け入れてから1番変わったことは?
Why did you receive Jesus? What changed the most since you received Jesus?

When I first came to church, I felt that everyone who I meet was vibrant and filled with JOY!

Looking back, I think they were so loving to others because they had God’s love and filled with God.

And then as I heard Luke’s messages, I started to believe that God is always with me and I simply thought that I want to live a life full of joy like other people that I met in church, so I received Jesus. 

What has changed the most is that everyday is so exciting now and I really do enjoying talking to people. I used to be so awkward and shy around people before but now I can talk to people who I just met! That’s a change! 

4) 仕えてるチームは?
What team do you serve in?

ステーションチーム とセットアップチーム
Station team and set up team

5) 仕えてるチームのここがすき!
What I love about my team.

Station team is an amazing team! We can see the first time people before anyone else!
I think most of the new people will often think, “what kind of people would there be in church?” or “am I out of place?”.

Everyone in station team is happy and has a great smile so even if you are the first time visitor, we will be super friendly to you!  We can become friends within 5 minutes of meeting each other!!!

Set up team is kind of behind-the-scenes team and not many people know about this team but it’s an important team!!!

Without this team, we can’t carry the instruments and we can’t set up the chairs.
It’s such an important team. This is a team that can serve God before anyone else on Sunday!

6) ずばり、今のビジョンは?
What is your vision now?

I want to become a leader and live for peoples’ growth!

Especially, I want to tell the students who are living without purpose like me before and tell them that “life with God is awesome!”

7) 今教会こようかどうか悩んでる神様知らないひとへのメッセージ!
Anything you want to say to people who are thinking to come to church or not?

If you don’t have any purpose in your life, don’t enjoy everyday, don’t have real friends, if that’s you… please come to our church! 

I used to be like that. But my life has changed since I started coming to this church.
If you really want to change and grow, just come! It’s going to be awesome!! 

8) ライフハウス大阪のPR お願いします!
What can you say about Lifehouse Osaka?

There is no other place like this church in the world that is this friendly, fun and help you grow!  

9) 最後に好きな聖書箇所一つ教えてください
What is your favorite scripture?

1 Corinthians 13!! I love it all but I like verse 7 the most!!

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance

To you who are reading this post, why don’t you come to our church?

まってま〜す! Looking forward meeting you!


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