よしと&やよいのストーリー Yoshito and Yayoi’s STORY

Story of a couple in Lifehouse Osaka!

I’ll introduce you the Masukis!! Yoshito and Yayoi! 

1) どうやってライフハウス大阪にきましたか?
How did you start coming to Lifehouse Osaka?

Since  Lifehouse started, people were recommending us about this church. But we never thought that I will actually get planted in this church!
We knew Hiro and Meg because we used to go to the same church when we were in Australia and they invited us to see the new Lifehouse in Osaka.
Actually our friends who came back from America was looking for an International church, so we went to see Lifehouse together. We felt at home. 

2) 結婚何年目ですか?
How long have you been married?

This year is our 5th year

3) 相手のここが好き!
Tell me what you like about your spouse?



From Yoshito to Yayoi

She is so beautiful from the inside out! Her beauty is oveflowing. Her voice. She is so loyal to her family, friends and people. Also she expresses her emotions well, I like how she is so human and so real. I am so thankful that she always believes in me and sees me as the great man and encourages me. She is “the miracle” from God. 


全部、素晴らしいけど、太陽みたいなとこが好き!私や他の人を愛と優しさと笑いで包んで、超人的な才能を持っているのに、謙遜で寛大!!まさに神様の最高傑作としか思えない! 笑

From Yayoi to Yoshito

I like everything about him but he is like a sunshine! He really makes me and people around him feel loved and he is so kind and warm. He is so talented but he is also humble and generous!!! He is God’s masterpiece!!! (lol)  

4) 神様がいる結婚の素晴らしさを教えてください!
Please share about how awesome it is to have God in your marriage!

Putting Jesus in the middle means that putting others first so we don’t throw selfish ideas on each other. We said the vow in front of God and became husband and wife so we are always trying to be loyal to each other. That’s why we can really trust and respect each other.
Because Jesus is our foundation, even we face challenges we can see what’s ahead after the challenge and we can believe in God’s best together!!!  
And if we are together, we can laugh all the time!!

5) 教会にきてから、結婚生活に変化はでましたか?何が変わった?
Has your marriage change since you started coming to this church? How has it changed?

Because we got a clear vision to serve the church, our relationship has been really closer!

There are so many great couples in our church so we have become even more closer.

6) それぞれこれからのビジョン
What is your vision?



Yayoi- I really like church music!!

I think if the church music quality gets better, the total quality of the church will get better too! So I want to aim for excellence in church music and we want people to be proud of our church! I want to raise people who will become professionals too!! I believe that one day this will happen! 

よしとー日本を強くしていけるリーダーシップのある男がここから立ち上がって行くのを見たい。そこで熱い結婚のビジョンをみんなに受け取って欲しい。教会は弱い男の行くところだというイメージではなく、本当に変わりたいと思う意志の強い誠実な男たちの集まりであって欲しい。日本のために立ち上がれー!Yoshito- I want to see strong men with leadership to rise and strengthen Japan!  I want the men to receive vision for a HOT marriage!  I want church to be full of men who want to change and grow and get rid of the “weak men are in church” picture that some people have. Come on men! Arise and shine for Japan!!! 

7) チャーチのPR お願いします
Please promote our church!

あと、教会に昔行ってたけど、なんらかの理由で今は行ってない人には一度来てみてほしい!If you are hesitant about coming here yourself but decide to come anyway, you will wonder, “why did I think that?”
This church is full of joy and love from when you meet people at the station to the end of the service.  So you will forget that you came by yourself!  
Also, if you used to go to church before but stopped going for some reason, you should come and see this church!

8) 好きな聖書箇所それぞれひとつ!
What is your favorite scripture?


もし、罪がないと言うなら、それは自分を欺くことであって、真理はわたしたちのうちにない。 もし、わたしたちが自分の罪を告白するならば、神は真実で正しいかたであるから、その罪をゆるし、すべての不義からわたしたちをきよめて下さる。 (ヨハネの第一の手紙 1:8, 9)
If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:8-9)  


明日のことを心配するのはやめなさい。神は明日のことも心にかけてくださるのですから、一日一日を力いっぱい生き抜きなさい。 (マタイ6:34)
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34) 

To you who are reading this post, why don’t you come to our church?


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