フィリップのストーリー Philip’s STORY – ジーザスライフハウスでの体験 My experience at Jesus Lifehouse

I’ll continue with the interview series 

This is for more people to know about JESUS LIFEHOUSE OSAKA…

I interviewed few people who come to this church.

Today I will introduce Philip !

1) How long have you been in Japan?

I arrived in Japan at the start of January 2011 so I’ve been in Japan for just over a year now.

2) How did you come to Jesus Lifehouse?

On a previous trip to Japan I was in Tokyo doing research about the state of Christianity in Japan and as part of that I was interviewing a professor at Sophia University. He told me about how a number of the students in his classes were really excited about Jesus Lifehouse Tokyo. I decided to visit and was really blown away by how vibrant and fun the atmosphere was.


People shared with me how God was changing their lives and how they had hope for the future. So when I came to live in Osaka I decided to visit Jesus Lifehouse Osaka to see if it was the same.


3) How have u changed since coming to this church?

When I first came to the church I was struggling with loneliness because I only had a few friends in Japan and they lived far away. But as soon as I came to church that changed because people were so welcoming.


I quickly made some good friends and felt like part of a family. When I joined a lifegroup I also started to grow more spiritually. For example, I used to go to work and find it really difficult to motivate myself but recently I find I have much more energy and a desire to do my best.


4) What team do you serve in?

I’m on the “pack down” and “stage management” teams.


5) What do u like about your team?

Pack down team was my first experience of serving in church. I remember when I first visited church I didn’t know what I could possibly contribute when I saw all the different things people were doing. Some of them seemed really complicated. But I thought, “at least I can carry things.” So I asked if I could help and started putting things away. For a long time I was happy just doing that. It’s straightforward work but satisfying and people are always happy to have a hand lifting and carrying things.


Recently I felt that I could contribute more to the church and I knew the stage management team needed people so I joined it as well. At first I wasn’t sure what I could do to help because how stage managing worked seemed a bit mysterious. But when I said I’d like to help, the team members all really welcomed me. They helped me to understand the job, didn’t get frustrated even when I felt I was making mistakes and were just really happy to have me join them. So I really appreciated how the people on the stage management team were so welcoming.


6) What is your vision?

My vision is to tell as many people about Jesus as possible!

I want to do that by supporting the church with what I earn, inviting people to church and trying to think of innovative ways to let people know that Jesus loves them.


7) Is there anything you want to say to people from overseas (living in Japan or elsewhere) thinking to join this church?

I think I would say that you should keep an open mind and heart when you visit Jesus Lifehouse. I was initially skeptical when I came because I had my own experiences of church back in Northern Ireland.


I think people who have been to a church before can have trouble in two ways. Firstly, they might have ideas about what church should be like if they’ve been to a different style of church and Jesus Lifehouse might conflict with those expectations.


Secondly, some people who have been to church before have had bad experiences and so find it hard to imagine how church could be a fun place filled with helpful and loving people. Either way, the only chance to see how great church can be is to come to a service, meet the people and try to be open to new experiences.

次に、前に教会にいったことがある人で嫌な体験をした人は教会が楽しくて、温かくて最高な人々でいっぱいだって想像するのが難しいかもしれない。 いずれにしても、どれだけ最高か知るためには、教会にきて、この教会の人達とあって、新しい体験に対してオープンになってほしい。

8 ) Any comments about this church? (PR!)

Words can only describe a fraction of what this church is. It’s only by coming and hearing the energetic music, meeting the welcoming people and listening to the inspiring messages that you can hope to understand why coming to Jesus Lifehouse will be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life!


9) Lastly, what’s your favorite scripture?

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. (Matthew 16:24-25)

「わたしについて来たい者は、 自分を捨て、自分の十字架を背負って、私に従いなさい。自分の命を救いたいと思う者は、それを失うが、わたしのために命を失う者は、それを得る。」(マタイ16:24~25)

These verses have been really important for me this year. In the past I’ve struggled with being addicted to the internet and any time I tried to get it under control I always failed. As part of lifegroup I was encouraged to take this message personally and doing so has been such a blessing.


God began by challenging me to deny myself by not relying on the internet at home. At first I felt that not being able to browse forums, read comics and watch TV and funny videos would feel like dying because it was so important to me. But the verse promises that if we lose our lives following Jesus we will actually find them. And I think that by obeying the verse I have just started to find my life and the feeling is wonderful.

神様は家でインターネットに依存しないように、自分を捨てることをチャレンジしてる。最初は家にいて掲示板を閲覧できなかったり、漫画やTVや面白いビデオを見ることができなくて死ぬほど苦しかった。自分にとって大事なものだったから。でもこの箇所はイエスについていくために自分の人生を捨てたら、自分の命を得るって書いてある。 そして、この箇所に従うことによって、自分の人生を見つけられて、気分は最高!

Even a month ago I couldn’t have imagined being where I am now. I was reading the Bible and I loved God but things weren’t really changing in my life. Being a part of a great church has allowed God to work in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’m excited every day and all week I look forward to Sunday (and Tuesday!). Sometimes I even wish time would hurry up so I could see more of what God has in store in the future. I thank God I’m alive and that I can come to such an amazing church.
1ヶ月前は今の自分がいる場所を想像できなかった。聖書は読んでいたし、神様を愛していたけど、自分の人生で何も変わっていなかった。最高の教会に根付くことによって、今までないぐらいに神様が自分を変えてくれてる。 毎日わくわくしているし、日曜日(と火曜日!)にむけてわくわくしてる! 時々、時間を早送りして神様がこれから自分に用意してくれているものを早くみたい!って思う。今自分が生かされていて、こんなに素晴らしい教会の一部になれることを神様に感謝してる

If you are reading this blog,  why don’t you take a step forward and come to church ?

ジーザスライフハウスは大阪はもちろん、東京、横浜、札幌、仙台、香港、バリ、そして今年ニューデリにもできます!!! そして、名古屋にもヒズコールチャーチがあるよ!
We have Jesus Lifehouse churches in Osaka ofcourse, but also Tokyo, Yokohama, Sapporo, Sendai, Hong Kong, Bali and New Delhi this year!!! And we have Hiscall church in Nagoya too!!  


もし行きたいなーと思った方はメールください!Please Email us if you want to come!

たくさんの人に読んでほしいので、下のバナーをクリックしてください! ありがとう!!!
Please click the banner below once a day, so more people can read my blog:) Thank you!


にほんブログ村 英語ブログ 国際交流へ

This Sunday we have church in TB HALL!!!

はじめての人も大丈夫! 11:30と1:30に心斎橋6番出口にきてもらえたら、駅チームがあなたを歓迎します!
Even if you are here for the first time it’s okay!!! If you come to Shinsaibashi Exit 6 at 11:30 or 13:30, the STATION team will greet


If you have any other friends who are interested, please come along with your friends!

We’re waiting to see you!!!

This month we will have church in 2 locations so please check this out!


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