パース☆グローバルハートチャーチ PERTH-Globalheart church

Hello! Finally I’m going to write about our time in PERTH 2 months ago!

Luke was invited to speak at a youth camp of Globalheart Church in Perth so I went to Perth with him.

The senior Pastor of Globalheart church and his wife  are good friends with our senior pastor, Pastor Rod and Viv.

ジェラルド先生とスー先生。 Pastor Gerard and Pastor Sue

They are one of the most generous people we know and they have big heart for people. We love them so much!!

They have been always supporting Lifehouse since we started and they really love Japan 🙂

And Samantha who is now Pastor Gerard’s PA and one of the key leaders in Globalheart church was here when we just started Jesus Lifehouse Osaka and she brought many people to church!

And Ely, the youth Pastor who invited Luke to the youth camp came to Osaka twice in the past and our church people loves him so much!

So we were so looking forward seeing Globalheart church with full of amazing leaders!


We had such an amazing time and we were soooo blessed!!!

Perth is such a beautiful city!

I went to Perth once in the past, but I was so amazed with the post-card like view!! It’s a little different from Sydney.

The scenery of where we were staying

Australia has the best lattes and cafes!

チョコレートカフェで頼んだもの。。。 カロリーは聞かないでください(笑)
What we ordered at the chocolate cafe! I don’t want to know about the calories (lol)

Everything was amazing, but our highlight was seeing Globalheart church and meeting the leaders in the church!!

スー先生が女性のリーダーたちをあつめて、ハイティーを用意してくれた☆ 中には日本にきたことがある子、また今年くる子達もいて、色々話せてすてきな時間を過ごせた☆
Pastor Sue organised  a high tea for me and invited many of the girls leader. Some of them have been in Japan before and some of them will come to Japan this year. I had a great time talking to people!

大好きな2人☆ サマンサにまたあえて、彼女がオーストラリアに戻って今のチャーチで成長している姿を見れてめちゃうれしかった。
Love them both! It was so nice to see Sam again and was really happy seeing her doing so well back in Australia.

キャンプの前にルークがリーダーズにシェア。 部屋の中には最高の若いリーダーでいっぱい。
Luke shared to the leaders before camp. The room was packed with young awesome leaders.

Luke has been telling me that he really wants to say something to the young Aussies so I was really excited for him to bring the word to them!

学生キャンプは3日間あった。3 days Youth camp.

I was really moved to see young aussies really passionate for God! Next generation is full of potential both in Japan and Australia!

Luke shared about 3 things, which is Lifehouse DNA.

Journal, simple prayer and keeping a clean heart.

Nothing is too difficult. If you go and get God’s word yourself and put it into practice you will really grow!

Luke’s message was really simple but really powerful. I think many young aussies thought “I can do it!” by listening to him.

So many people received Jesus and many decided to come back to Jesus. I was really moved seeing young people praying for each other. God is so powerful!!! The potential of these young people are limitless!!!

There was this guy who heard Luke’s testimony and said, “I have a past like yours. I want to be like you. I want to do something big for God!” Luke was really moved to hear that.

あとクリスチャンなりたての日本人もあったよ〜。神様は海外でも日本人に愛を伝えてるんだね☆ チャーチのみんなから愛されていて、またグローバルハートチャーチの温かさをかんじた。
And we met a Japanese who just became a Christian. God is reaching out to Japanese in overseas too. He was really loved by the church people and it just showed how warm Globalheart church people are.

And it was so amazing to attend the Friday night service.

賛美が最高だった!!! めっちゃ良い意味でクレイジー。元気いっぱい。ジェラルド先生の息子のショーンがワーシップをリードしてるんだけど、凄い神様の愛を感じました。
And the worship was incredible. Really crazy in a good way! Full of life! Pastor Gerard’s son, Shaun was leading the worship and I really felt God’s love through worship!

People are loving God and God’s word  and the church is full of next generation. And full of amazing young leaders who are hungry to learn and grow!!

Especially we were moved by the hospitality and generous spirit flowing from the leadership, Pastor Gerard and Pastor Sue.

ちょっと遅れましたが。。。 私たちをよんでくれてありがとう!グローバルハートチャーチありがとう!
I know this is a bit late… but thank you for having us and blessing us!! Thank you Globalheart church!!! 

If you are looking for a church in Perth, we will definitely recommend this church to you!!

If you are reading this blog,  why don’t you take a step  and come to church ?

「教会ってちょっと敷居高いからなぁ~」とか「宗教ってちょっと怖いから…」とか「俺そういうの興味ないから」って思ってる人も とりあえず一回来てみてください。食わず嫌いせずに♪とりあえず一回。詳しく聞きたかったら気軽にメールください!!
If you are feeling self-conscious about visiting church or thinking “I’m scared of religion” or “I’m not interested at all…” Please come at least once! Don’t reject without even having tried it. Just once for a start! If you want to know more about it please email to us. Looking forward to see you all !!

お金はいりません。誰でも歓迎します! 無理な勧誘など一切ありません。
You don’t need entrance fee. We welcome anybody, and we’re very easy-going! you just bring yourself!


ライフハウス大阪公式HP Lifehouse Osaka Official website

ライフハウス大阪公式FBページ Lifehouse Osaka Official FB page

ライフハウス大阪公式インスタグラム Lifehouse Osaka Official Instagram



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