最高の誕生日! Best birthday ever!!



It was my birthday on December 9th!!!

I just want to thank people who gave me cards and presents, sent me a birthday message mail, wrote on my facebook wall and directly said “happy birthday” to me.


誕生日当日はチャーチだったから、ルークが土曜日に大好きなレストランにランチに連れて行ってくれた! 北浜にあるポンテベッキオ本店。


My birthday was on Sunday, the day of church so Luke took me to our favourite restaurant on Saturday! Ponte Vecchio in Kitahama.

It’s a restaurant for special occasion but we love this place because the food is amazing, the service is exceptional and it’s so relaxing that you can stay there for hours!



Thank you God for my amazing husband and quality time!

Luke always loves me and cherishes me.  I am super blessed!

I don’t think we come here easily after having our baby so it was great that we were able to go there 🙂


ポンテベッキオは色々支店があるけど、やっぱり本店が一番すき。 ルークが2年前に食べた、忘られないティラミスです。。(笑)
Ponte vecchio has other branches but we love the original restaurant the most.  Above is the tiramisu that Luke had 2 years ago and he never got over it (lol)


うっとりしています(w 「今まで食べた中で一番美味しいデザート!」っていってた。
He was mesmerised by the taste (lol)  He said, “this is the best dessert I ever had!”

来年のバースデーはベビが一緒でまたニューシーズン!! それはそれで、めっちゃ楽しみ〜!
For next year’s birthday we will have our little baby with us!  It’s going to be new season 🙂 We’re excited about that too!

I was already blessed so much at this point but more blessings came! 


チャーチのみんなからのサプライズ! 1回目の礼拝の後にロビーに出たら「ハッピーバースデー」ってみんなが私を囲んで歌い始めた!予想してなかったから、めっちゃびっくりした!! 嬉しすぎる〜!

Our church people organised a surprise party! After the 1st service when I went out to the foyer, people started singing happy birthday to me!! I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting it.  I was so happy!


大きなケーキまで! ありがとう(涙)
They organised a big birthday cake! Thank you so much!!


チャーチの友達、親、東京の友達からプレゼントをたくさん頂きました!! こんなにたくさんプレゼント受け取ったことないかも。。ありがとう!
I was showered with presents from church friends, my family and friends from Tokyo!! I never received this many presents in my life before. I am so thankful!

But the best gift ever was…

Cards from everyone!!!

教会のガールズの各ライフグループからのメッセージ。 本当に心に響いた。一つ一つ読み上げたよ。
I received birthday messages from each lifegroup (girls) in our church.  I was really moved. I read each one of them!


I was so thankful to God as I read every girl’s message and thought about how they came to church and seeing them growing and changing.

Luke always says, “We are so PEOPLE-RICH!” and I think that is so true!!


箱いっぱいのみんなからの愛。 こんなにたくさんの人々と一緒に人生をやっていけることが神様からの最高のプレゼント!!!
Box full of love!  Doing life together with these amazing people is such an amazing gift from God!

I want to say many thank you to many people this year as well.

First of all, I want to thank my mother who gave birth to me.  

Thank you  for not giving up until you conceive me.

And I want to thank my father for being supportive to us all the time. 


And Luke, my favorite person in the whole world!

めっちゃ尊敬しています。 ルークと一緒に最高の教会をリードできること、ほんまに幸せ。
I respect him so much!!! I am so blessed to lead an amazing church with Luke!

そして私の人生にいる皆! いつも応援、励まし、祈りありがとう!!! 最高の人間関係が与えられてます^^
And people who are in my life! Thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers! I am so blessed with relationships! 

And last but not least… I want to say thank you  to…


イエス !! 
Jesus !!!!  

私の罪のために死んでくれてありがとう。 そして、今も心の中にいてくれてありがとう。
Thank you for dying for my sin. Thank you for living in my heart today.

I never regretted my decision to follow Jesus all my life.  

Since I decided to follow Jesus 8 years ago, my life has changed significantly.

If I didn’t meet Jesus, if I didn’t know about this amazing church, Lifehouse, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  

Thank you God for this amazing life.

Thank you God that I am alive today.

Thank you God that you have amazing plan for my life!!!!

神様は私の体の各器官を造り、母の胎内で組み立て てくださいました。こんなにも複雑に素晴らしく仕上げてくださったことを感謝します。その腕前は天下一品だと、よくわかっております。秘密の工房で私を組 み立てるとき、神様は立ち合われました。生まれる前から、まだ呼吸を始める前から、神様の目には私に注がれており、その生涯に渡るご計画も練り上げられて いたのです (詩篇139:13-16)(リビングバイブル訳)
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. (Psalm 139:13-16)

My birthday wish is that YOU who don’t know Jesus yet, will get to know Jesus.

And you will decide to receive Jesus into your heart and follow Him just like I did 8years ago.

Because that is the best decision you are going to make in your life!!!  

And church is the place that you can get to know more about Him and the life of following Jesus!!!

「教会ってちょっと敷居高いからなぁ~」とか「宗教に興味ないしって思ってる人も とりあえず一回来てみてください。食わず嫌いせずに♪  詳しく聞きたかったら気軽にメールください!!

If you are thinking “church is not for me”“I’m not interested in religion”, why don’t you just come and see?  Don’t judge before seeing it!  Just once for a start!


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