YOUは何しに日本へでライフハウス東京が紹介された! Lifehouse Tokyo on Japanese national TV!


日本の人気番組、しかも全国放送で紹介されちゃうなんて凄すぎる!! 私も好きで時々見る番組だったから嬉しかった(^^)

Lifehouse Tokyo International Church in Roppongi was introduced in a Japanese TV program, “why did you come to Japan?” 

It’s amazing how we got broadcasted in a popular Japanese TV show, national TV!  I was really excited as I like this show and I watch it sometimes. 





「ここはどこ!? 本当に教会!?」って確かに最初は本当にびっくりするよね! 私も最初にいったとき、びっくりした(笑) カルトに警戒していたから、しっかりと調べた覚えもあるよ。

実際は、聖書に基づいていて、神様の愛で溢れた教会だよ♪ 番組で紹介されていたようにインターナショナルで凄く楽しい雰囲気です!


Before it was on air, I was quite nervous how it will be edited. But what they showed was actually quite good, there was no prejudice and our church was introduced as it is! 

I understand how they would be shocked to know that this place is church because I was surprised at first too (lol)  Also I used to be very cautious of cult groups so I remember doing thorough research about our church. 

Actually, our church is bible-based and it’s full of God’s love!   As it was shown on the TV program, it’s really international and super fun! 


主任牧師のロド先生のインタビューも凄くよかった! ロド先生や私たちのこの教会をたてている想いが全国に伝えられた。最高すぎる。

I liked how they interviewed Pastor Rod!  Pastor Rod’s heart and our heart building this church was communicated nationally.  How cool! 




というノリでも全然いいと思う! ぜひきてほしい!

I hope that more people will become interested in church through this and visit our church!
Even if your motives are like,

“It looks fun, maybe I should give it a go.” 
“I’m not a Christian but I want to go to this Christian environment”

that’s okay!  You should come 🙂




Like Kirby say, we want to share how amazing this place is just like after we eat something delicious! 

The TV really summarized our church, but if you actually come and see our church, you are going to “FEEL” how amazing it is, so please come to the closest Lifehouse church! (Scroll down to see more info about locations) 

Photo by Lifehouse Tokyo media team
Photo by Lifehouse Tokyo media team


And if you are living in Kansai area, come to our LIfehouse Osaka church! 


ライフハウス大阪公式HP Lifehouse Osaka Official website

ライフハウス大阪公式FBページ Lifehouse Osaka Official FB page

ライフハウス大阪公式インスタグラム Lifehouse Osaka Official Instagram




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