ちょっと待って…! その船に乗る前に Wait…! Before you get on that boat

This scripture is one of the key scriptures of my life. We also shared this scripture in our wedding,

Matthew 6:33
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team
photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team

Putting God over any circumstances, anyone and anything.

Since I became a Christian, I’ve been blessed with great marriage, family, relationships and jobs by putting God first and growing in church.

photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team
photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team

神様の道ってシンプルだけど、いつも簡単ではない。 ルークの昔のメッセージでずっと心に残っているものがある。
God’s way is so simple but it’s not always EASY.

There will always be a boat waiting to take you the way away from God. 


Most of the time it will come before you move on to the next level or before your breakthrough. And it will affect your future.

Does this sounds familiar?

–  教会に来て、「毎週こよう!」と思った瞬間に次の週から日曜日に次々用事が入ってくる。
The moment you decide to come to church every week, somethings happens every Sunday that will occupy you.

The moment that you decide to get baptized, your parents starts to oppose you about going to church.

As you are growing as a Christian, you have to work on Sundays.

photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team
photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team

And some of the boats will have a big sign that says-

‘Good cause boat’



This boat looks good on the surface and you will think “I’m a Christian, and we love good causes!”

These people will come up and say to us, “Hey, I can’t come to church anymore because I want to be part of this good cause (volunteer activity) on Sunday” The good cause might sound like a good reason. But it will take you towards the different direction of God’s GOOD CAUSE.

photo by lifehouse osaka media team
photo by lifehouse osaka media team


If you are saying “I want to grow in God and put God first” and then plans to do something else on Sunday and make them busy and can’t come to church, realize that you are always jumping on the boat in front of you every week that is taking to the other direction.




Some might meet someone who doesn’t believe in God and find that person attractive that they want to get on that boat. They might say, “But he is so nice to me!” “I get along with her!”

But when you get on that boat, you are going to go the opposite direction of God’s plan if that person is not open to God or totally against it.




Maybe you might feel worried about being single and you might be tempted from time to time to jump onto the love boat that stops right in front of you.

But I want to encourage you to get a vision to marry someone who will help you get closer to God together, not the other way.


Becoming an ‘ENGLISH SPEAKER’ boat

英語を話せたら、人生が変わる! という旗をかかげたボート。


The boat with a flag that says “If I could just speak English it would make all the difference.”

People who get on this boat say “I need to go overseas. I need to leave Japan.” Some just want to run away from Japan.

photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team
photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team





If you are going overseas, you need to have the right motives and purpose or else you will get confused.

Before you get on that boat, please think about your motives.

You can learn English without going overseas and you can grow where you are. Where God has placed you is the place where you will grow and be fruitful.

Especially those who are planning to go somewhere where there is NO CHURCH that you can go to, realize that you are heading towards the different direction!!! You are going to drift away from God’s way!

Studio shot of young woman working in office covered with adhesive notes
Studio shot of young woman working in office covered with adhesive notes

Working so hard! becoming a workaholic boat

最初は目標のためにお金を稼ぐとかゴールがあったかもしれない。 または、シフトを頼まれて、喜ばれるのが嬉しいからたくさんシフトをいれてしまったことかもしれない。

ただ、気をつけないといけないのは、仕事で忙しくなりすぎて、時間も余裕もなくなること。 何のために働いているのかわからなくなる。日曜日も働いてしまうと、チャーチにいけなくなるから、パワーも出てこない。 落ち込みやすくなるけど、原因がわからない・・・。


At first, you started to work a lot for a purpose, earn money to buy something. Or you could have said yes to increase your shift to please your boss.

But you need to watch out to not become too busy with work that you will lose your time and peace. You will soon forget why you are working so hard. You don’t feel energized because you don’t go to church anymore. You get depressed easily and you don’t know why…

That is because you have distanced yourself from church and great relationships!

また、就活中の人も焦る気持ちから目の前にとまった船に飛び乗る前に立ち止まって考えてほしい。 その船は正しい方向につれていってくれる?

And those people who are job hunting, before you jump on the boat that stops right in front of you think again, is that boat going to take you to the right direction?

全ての選択があなたをどこかの方向にむかわせてる。 私たちがする全ての選択が神様から近づけるか、遠ざけるものかどちらかしかない。

Everything is taking you somewhere. Every decision we make takes us closer to god’s best for our lives of takes us away from that.

でも良い知らせがあります! 間違った方向に向かっている船にのってるって気づいた人はいつでも降りることができる!

But I have a good news for you! For those who realised that you are on the wrong boat, you can get off that boat right now!


When you journal, that directs you and redirects you, and by coming to church and life group you can keep the right priorities in life!


And keep on coming to church no matter what! Make that decision before the boats arrive!

Make a decision to keep on coming to church when you are doing great/not great/happy/sad/bored/busy! And put it into action!

photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team
photo by Lifehouse Osaka media team

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way should go; I will guide you with My eye.” (Psalm 32:8)



あなたの前にとまっているのは船は何の船? 誘惑を乗り越えて、神様の方に進み続けよう!

But in order to end up there, it’s up to you to choose the right actions.

Let’s evaluate your direction right now.

Which boat is infront of you right now? Let’s overcome the temptation and keep on walking closer to God!


Why don’t you start from coming to church?

ライフハウスチャーチは大阪以外にも全国・海外にあります! 近い場所にぜひぜひいってみてください☆
We have Lifehouse churches in other locations (domestic and overseas!)
Come and check out the nearest location! 


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