Hello again and updates… おひさしぶりです!とお知らせ(^^)

ご無沙汰しています! このブログの存在覚えてくれている人いたら嬉しいな(笑)

Hello!  It’s been a while from the last blog update… Hope you still remember about this blog lol


Time flies so fast when you are working at home, looking after two kids and finding ways for my energetic son to release his energy every day… He will go to kindergarten from next year.


でも、子ども達のこの貴重な時期を一緒に過ごせること、感謝しかない! 昔は子供との接し方がわからなかった、一人っ子の私が2人の子育てを 何とかできていること…神様すごい!って思う(笑)神様の助けがあるおかげ。

But I’m so thankful that I can spend time with my kids during their important stages of life. God is so good that He helps me, growing up as the only child,  raise two kids because I didn’t know how to deal with children before…

これから兄妹喧嘩も始まると思うけど、自分が体験してきていないことなので、新鮮に感じるかも。。。 忙しさも倍だけど、妹を溺愛している息子の姿を見ると癒されます(^^)

I’m sure that they will start fighting soon, but I’m also curious to see it because I’ve never experienced it myself.  I’ve gotten busier than before but whenever I see my son loving his sister it melts my heart 🙂



And while I stopped updating, our church, Lifehouse Osaka has been growing so much!

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team

チャーチがなんばHIPS4Fに移ってから、アクセスもしやすくなって毎週沢山新しい人たちが来ます! 社会人、学生、ファミリー、すべての世代が増えてる(^^)

Since our church moved to Namba HIPS 4F, we have more visitors every week as the location is amazing!  Every age group has grown including workers, students, families etc.

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team

でも…この会場は10月9日までなんです! 10月から改装工事に入るらしくて、使えなくなります。。
But we can only use this venue until the end of September! The venue is going under construction from October and we cannot use it anymore.

でも、沢山祈って、探しまくって… 新しい会場が与えられました!
But we prayed and searched a lot and God gave us the new venue!

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team

Our new venue is New Osaka Hotel. It is located near Shinsaibashi station. 

Last week we had a trial service there and it was really close to the station and the venue was beautiful…!


将来的に水曜チャーチもここの会場になります。 詳しくは公式HPでチェックしてね。

In the close future, Wednesday Church service will move here too.  For more information please check our official website. 

** この会場は来年の1月から毎週使えるけど、10月からは違う会場と併用して使うので、毎週の会場はHPでチェックしてね。
** We can use this venue every week from next January but we will need to use other venues until then. Please check our website for venue locations every week. 

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team 

ライフハウス大阪チャーチに行ってみたいなと思っている人は是非一度来てください! クリスチャンではなくても大丈夫です(^^) 気軽に参加してね。会えるのを楽しみにしています〜!

If you are interested in Lifehouse Osaka church,  we encourage you to just come!  You don’t need to be a Christian to come to our church.  We would love to meet you!


We have Wednesday night service in Namba Dotonbori. 

14079952_1103270586375892_4812562867831288902_n (1).jpg

Our Sunday service time is slightly different this month so please be careful! 


Since I’m with my kids, I’m not sure how frequently I can post new posts but I’ll do my best because I love writing and sharing!


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