アルファコースをオススメする理由 The reason why I recommend Alpha Course



In Lifehouse Osaka church, we have many connect groups that would meet your interests and hobbies.

Personally,  I am super excited about the Alpha Course that has started from this month!


That’s because when I was a University student, before I started going to church, I met  Jesus and became a Christian through “Alpha Course”.


Alpha is a group where we watch a short video about a topic such as “Why and how do we read the Bible?” “Who is Jesus” “Why and how do we pray?” and afterwards we discuss together in a small group about the topic in a relaxing atmosphere.


そもそもクリスチャンになる予定もなかった私が何で誘われたアルファに行ってみようと思ったのか… いくつか理由をシェアするね。


Before I became a Christian, I was invited to Alpha Course which was hosted by a church in Australia and my life has changed forever!

So why did I decide to go to Alpha when I didn’t have any plans to become a Christian back then? I’ll share some points here.

If you can related to any of these points, I strongly recommend you to join the Alpha Course too!

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka Photography Team

1)好奇心  I was CURIOUS!  



Back then I was a uni student and when I was asked to join Alpha and since I had free time so I decided to go. I also heard that people from different backgrounds will participate and I wanted to have more friends!

I thought that if I learn something new and meet new people my world will expand!

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team

I felt that it was easier to go to Alpha Course than going to church



This was just my biased opinion but I used to think that church was for only Christians and I thought I would feel out of place if I go to church as I didn’t grow up in a Christian family. (This is totally not true!)

I heard that Alpha Course will have many people who are not Christians and have no idea about God and the Bible, like myself back then, so I was able to go without feeling pressured.

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team

3)何でも質問することができる I can ask anything 



I was told that Alpha was a place where I can ask anything, such as “how do you pray?” or “how do you read the bible?” without feeling embarrassed.

Also I shared honestly in my group back then,  “I still can’t believe in Jesus” but people kindly accepted me. It was such a friendly and open environment so I was able connect with the people in the group!

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka Photography Team

4)終わりがあるコースだから It’s a course with an end



Since Alpha is 11 week course, I thought if I go every week and still couldn’t believe in God, that’s my answer.

If I open my heart and listen but still couldn’t believe, I’ll know that I least tried.

Photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team




But every week, the more I attended Alpha the more I started to believe that Jesus is real and He is relevant in my life!

And by week 3~4, I found myself looking forward to the Alpha Course!

And I,  who used to say “I can’t believe in Jesus yet” at the beginning of the course, by the end of Alpha, was saying with confidence, “I believe in Jesus.  God has an amazing purpose for my life!”

Photo by LIfehouse Osaka photography team



I still remember what I shared when completing the Alpha Course.

“I think I can overcome any challenges in the future when I compare that to life without Jesus.” 

photo by Lifehouse Osaka photography team



I think your motives for going to Alpha can be anything. But if you have time, definitely join the Alpha Course in your nearest Lifehouse Church!


For this semester (Feb 11th – Apr 22nd) we have this Alpha Course every Sunday from 12:50pm – 1:30pm. The venue will change every week, so please check out the Connect Group HP for the latest info (*click below).



If you’re interested, please visit the link below and sign up for it!



http://osaka.mylifehouse.com/en/connect-groups/ (ENGLISH)


Lifehouse Osaka is an International church in Osaka. We also have Lifehouse International churches in other locations. Please visit our website for more information! If you’ve never been to church please come, we would be happy to have you there!

ライフハウス大阪公式HP Lifehouse Osaka Official website

ライフハウス大阪公式FBページ Lifehouse Osaka Official FB page

ライフハウス大阪公式インスタグラム Lifehouse Osaka Official Instagram



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